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your life.

Fighting for the dignity

of independence through wheelchair control.

LifeDrive creates adaptive technology for people with disabilities, empowering them to greater independence through power wheelchair control for a lifetime, even if their needs change. These alternative drive solutions enable them to safely control a complex rehab power wheelchair with their eyes, voice, or mobile joystick app. In addition to driving, our apps allow them to turn their chairs on and off, fully adjust seating position, and change settings like speed, driving profile, and lights.

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Drive with your eyes.

Connect our device between your eyegaze system and your wheelchair to control your wheelchair with your eyes.

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Drive with our

mobile joystick app.

Connect our device to your wheelchair and install our app on your phone to control your wheelchair with a mobile joystick app.

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Drive with voice control.

Connect our device to your wheelchair and install our app on your iPhone to control your wheelchair with voice control.

Enjoying the Woods

"If I get to a point where I'm completely paralyzed, having a solution like EyeDriving would be a deciding factor as to whether I'd want to live or die."



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